Adult Private Lesson
  • Adult Private Lesson

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    • Private lessons are focused on the individual customers. In our private lessons, the coach and customer will work together and decide what to focus on in the lesson (for example, problems with the grip, balance in the swing, impact on the ball, etc).
    • Private lessons are ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of the sport, learn utilizing a step-by-step approach with a personal coach, or players who want to work on specific problems that they may have in their game.
    • In private lessons, customers will receive a form from the coach which includes different types of exercises. The form will allow the customer to be able to practice between lessons. Customers will also find stretching exercises in the form. The stretches will help to avoid muscle problems both before and after lessons.
    • In private lessons, the coach may record the customers’ form and swing motion to point out what they can do to improve their swing.
    • Private lesson are also designed to help players find the right golf set for the customer, according to the customer’s form and swing motion.

    Private Lessons Prices

    Packages Lessons Price Special Offers


    8,000 yen 
    Silver 5   40,000 yen 
    Gold 10   80,000 yen 
    Diamond more than 10 lessons  10% off - 72,000