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1. Where is Jinji Golf Center Located?

The golf range locates at ochiai golf gardern .

2. How many golf courses in Japan?

We use x 3 golf lanes and we offer lane rental plus golf lessons for kids and adults.

3. Where to find Tokyo golf courses?

JINJI  golf can help you to find a golf course and book the spot for you.

4. Can we inspect your golf lesson facilities?

Please contact us and arrange date/time to inspect our lesson facilities.

Phone: 080-3576-1300, Email:

5. Where to play mini-golf in Tokyo?

We offer a mini-golf course/putting and chipping.

6. What to know about golf Tokyo?

The most important is do reservations, some places have rules about wear and shoes.

7. How popular is golf in Japan?

Golf is one of the most popular games in Japan.

8.Why are Japan model golf clubs more expensive? 

Most of the golf clubs and gear are aim at the local market, most of the Japanese clubs makers are offering premium clubs and gear that you can't find in other parts of the world.

9.How often do people golf in Japan?

At list once a week.

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