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Jinji Golf Shinjuku, Shai Gigi

A Bit About Who We Are

Who We Aim to Be

Are you searching for a golf school that welcomes players of all levels in the Tokyo or  Yokohama area? Look no further than Jinji Golf School! Our academy was established by golf enthusiasts who desired to provide a comfortable and exciting setting for anyone interested in learning or playing golf. We offer golf lessons in the English language and have foreign coaches available to assist students worldwide in improving their game.

Jinji International Golf Community 

Get to know us even more!

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What do we believe

Many golf programs are offered around the world, but we believe that learning the basics with professional coaches who are highly prepared is the optimum way to learn this game.

We will teach you the basics and you will progress at your own pace. You will improve your skills and have fun doing so. You can also use our school as a great way to meeting new friends, getting some exercise and being outdoors. Our lessons are relaxed and suit everyone from every age.


Note: now we have a special little champ program especially designed for 4-5 years old!

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How do we know

Our coaches provides us with report and updates on a daily bases. At the beginning of each class, the coach will have a short review of techniques from the last lesson. After that, you will begin a new technique. Throughout the lesson, your coach will be observing you and giving you advice and feedback.

Are you ready to join us?

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What do you learn

We offer a variety of programs that will suit all our student’s needs. Our coaches will sit down with each student individually and ask few questions. After that, the will prepare a plan designed exclusively for you. This plan will include your goals and the coaches’ expectations. These programs vary in length depending on your needs, desires and age.

Our coaches will also encourage you to relax and have fun. Golf is a fun game and that how it should be looked at. In the first lesson, each student should bring only an open-mind and be willing to learn. We will provide clubs for anyone who does not have them.

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