we would like to update the parents with more information. 


Monday the kids can choose from these times 

6kids 3:30 - 4:20

6kids 4:30 - 5: 20


Friday the kids can choose from these times

6kids 3:30 - 4:20

6kids 4:30 - 5:20


They will both switch with their hybrid day.


Dear parents 

Thank you for signing up your child to the Nishimachi golf club. 

Jinji golf community offers golf lessons in Tokyo since 2002.

We are very prude to start the collaboration with Nishimachi school. 




as you know the golf club will be held at the yellow building roof ( it’s outdoor ) in case of rain we will have one make up lesson, the kids will arrive at the yellow rooftop and the golf instructor will wait for them at the rooftop. 


What the kids need to bring: just come with sportswear, a hat, water.

All the golf gear will be provided. 



More information: 

JINJI GOLF  community is base at 3 rd and 4 th floor at Hilton Tokyo ( Nishi Shinjuku ). We have one of the most amazing kids golf space in Tokyo. 

On the 3 rd floor, we have to hit lanes for kids and parents waiting for space . 

- VIP rental golf rooms ( for groups up to 10 family or friends ) 


On the 4 th floor, we have 8 lanes indoor golf range plus putting space. 


Pls, see our home base.


this is the dates : 

Friday : 10/2, 9,16 23 , 11/6,13,20,27,12/4 , 1/15,22 

Total of: 12 weeks 

Makeup lesson: 12/ 11 


the payment will be a total of 42,000 yen 

the payment can be made by cash, bank transfer, credit card.


Monday schedule : 

 9/28, 10/5,12,19,11/2,9,16,30,12/7 , 1/11,18,25 . Total 13 weeks 

Make up lesson 12/14 

fee: 45,500 yen, the payment can be made by cash, bank transfer, credit card. 

the payment is made in full before the class start. 


meeting point will be at the yellow rooftop.

- in case of rain, we won't have the class ( no payment will be a charge for rain days ).

- all the gear will be provided.

- i add my line QR code I will make a line group with the parents pls add me.


additional information : 


Jinji Golf Community offers regular kids and adults golf lessons and rental space on the 3rd and 4th floor of Hilton Tokyo. pls see this link  for the home base :


- if you need any further information pls let me know,

Jinji Golf  Community 
Shai Gigi -  シャイ - ギギ

NPRGI certified 

web site: