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Yoga Practice, Jinji Golf

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Jinji Way is about helping and guiding each individual to improve their Health and Well-being lifestyle.

The Jinji Ways vision is an environment that embraces different sporting activities in a fun and prosperous way with the chance to learn and experience from the best instructors and teachers in their craft.

We believe through using sporting activities! is one of the key parts of your lifestyle that will help you on the path to a healthy body mind and spirit.

Remember is never too late to start this journey!

From the Founder Shai Gigi  

The Jinji Way 


The Jinji Way is a way of passing on Well-Being to the next generation! 


By creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself! Through the positive actions, you take now! 


By starting on the pathway to a healthy well-being lifestyle you then become the best teachers for your children and the next generation! 


Life is a balance! and finding our own time to help ourselves is the key to a state of being healthy happy in life and being in the present moment. 


Each day we need to strive to self-improve ourself and if we can bring joy and happiness to others we all end up prosperous. 


I look forward to meeting you all and helping you all on this journey together 


Shai Gigi




JINJI TENNIS CENTER base at Hilton Tokyo 5th floor. we help and support the tennis community in Tokyo.

tennis lessons kids and adults, private tennis club.


KEY YOGA STUDIO  at Hilton Tokyo 3rd floor offers unique yoga lessons at shinjuku.


Tasmanian Whisky Japan is giving you the opportunity to be one of the first in Japan to own some of the finest Tasmanian Whisky in your country.

Whether it is for your private collection, special occasions, a business gift, or whisky cellar investment, we can supply whisky to you. Tasmanian Whisky is appealing because it is from a pristine island that has rapidly established itself as the place that produces a product of the highest quality and rarity!


JINJI GOLF COMMUNITY base at Hilton Tokyo 3rd floor, we use indoor golf range plus V.I.P space. 

we offer golf lessons to kids and adults. private golf training center in Tokyo 



the studio located at Hilton Tokyo 3rd floor. 

Zamir trading / jewelry design 

Zamir Trading offer custom made jewelry 


All loose diamonds at Paloma are polished in our factory in Israel and introduced to selected clients in Japan.


In addition;


  1. I remodel old jewelry designs according to the request of the customer.


   2. I renew and restore the brilliance and the beauty of your jewelry.


   3. I restring pearl strings and repair damaged jewelry.

   4. I create a new design for clients who wish to have custom made fine jewelry.

Yoga Asana , Jinji Golf
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