( WHITE ) Adult  Group (2P) Lesson

( WHITE ) Adult Group (2P) Lesson

  • Group lessons are a different type of lesson designed with the concept of sharing the lesson time with other players and giving each customer the opportunity to compare their form and swinging motion with other players. Doing so will allow players to understand their individual habits and problems that they need to fix in their game.
  • In group lessons, customers learn about the game of golf (golf etiquette, rules, etc).
  • Similar to the private lesson, the coach will analyze the form and swinging motion of each individual customer and work with them to improve their game.

Group of 2 Lessons Prices / Person

Tickets Lessons Numbers Price Special Offers
  1   4000 yen/ per person
White 5   20,000 yen / per person 
Red 7   35,000 yen / per person 
Blue 12   48,000 yen / per person