Shai Gigi

Golf Head Instructor

Having become involved with the game late compared to many professional golfers, Shai always had a desire to learn and understand the mechanics of what made the most consistent swings. “The quality of the instruction available when I was young was quite poor, so I found myself studying the tops players and finding out for myself what worked”. This desire to improve his knowledge, natural communication skills and passion for helping others, has been at the core of Shai success.
Some professionals coach as almost a 2nd choice of career or as a small part of their daily tasks, for Shai it has always been about coaching, full time all the time! Having only started playing when he was nearly 29 years old , playing for a living was never in his mind, so coaching was a natural fit with his personality, skill set and love of the game.

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Joe Nakazawa

Golf Instructor

Hello everyone, my name is Joe Nakazawa, and I was born and raised in United States of America. I have been playing golf for over 12 years and I have played golf from the elementary level to the collegiate level. With my experience as a player I have the experience to help any player at any level to get to the next level. Tournament golf, or a weekend round with your friends, in this sport, you can always get better!


Shai Gigi -  シャイ -  ギギ
Golf Professional - NRPGI Certified 



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