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Fligth Scope Simulator Lessons 

flightscope golf simulator lesson in Japan

Flightscope Lessons to Improve Your Golf!

Golf Professionals all over the globe know how much is at stake every single time they tee off.

Their reputation, a lifestyle, a livelihood, and sometimes a place to play next season or even next week!

 A Professional is going to use every bit of technology available in order to save strokes on the golf course.

That’s where using FlightScope comes in

Shai Gigi is a believer. He’s a FlightScope user and it helped him to coach many clients in Tokyo. By using FlightScope isn’t just for professionals, it’s available for everyone to improve their game here at JINJI GOLF CENTER.

Here’s how using FlightScope works;

It’s a motion-tracking device to monitor not just the ball, but your swing. It provides instant feedback on your golf swing by measuring 27 aspects related to your ball, swing, and club. Ball speed, spin rate, carry distance, roll, flight time, distance from the pin, club speed, angle of attack—more data than you can imagine!

Statistics have proven golfers who use data and swing video analysis from FlightScope experience a higher and quicker learning curve than those who don’t.

 Having someone record your swing on video is great, but when you add the FlightScope club and ball tracking data, you can really evaluate your swing and quickly see a way to improve your swing and also your score.

 It’s time to combine the power of radar, with the visual feedback of video for the most complete picture of your swing.

The next time you take a lesson we encourage you to enquire with Head Golf Professional Shai Gigi about using FlightScope

. All those statistics about your swing might be a little overwhelming at first and maybe a little depressing too! However don’t fret, using the feedback from FlightScope is a sure way to get you swinging the club better and scoring better as well.

To book your next lesson, please contact the Golf pro: or call 080-3576-1300

Golf lesson plus flight scope: 10,000 yen 

flight scope rental : 2000 yen / 60 minutes 

rental lane plus flight scope: 4000 yen / 60 minutes 

Golf Flight Scope
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